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Rock Crystal Wand

Rock Crystal Wand

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The rock crystal wand is perfect if you are looking for a powerful healing stone. It actually helps to restore the overall balance of body and mind .

The shape of the wand allows the energy of the stone to be channeled and sent in a certain direction. For this reason, wand-shaped stones are used by therapists who can thanks to them work on an area of ​​the body or on a particular chakra . Energy flows from the base to the tip.

Just as it amplifies the energy of other stones, Rock crystal helps amplify the vibrations of your body, with which it resonates. A healing stone, rock crystal also allows you to fluidify your energy and thus harmonize your chakras.

Rock crystal has the ability to strengthen and amplify energy. It allows you to develop your intuition, your gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience . This mineral helps you concentrate and allows you to go further in your meditation sessions by promoting the connection with divine energy.

You can also use this wand to make a crystal grid.


  • Stone: Rock Crystal
  • Dimensions: 5x2 cm
  • Weight: 40g

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