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Set of 3 “Protection” Wands

Set of 3 “Protection” Wands

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This Set of 3 “Protection” Wands is perfect for creating a calming and protective atmosphere against negative energies in your environment.

Placed in various locations in your room, the energies of each stone will bring their benefits:

Labradorite : She is a powerful protective stone . It protects from thoughts and negative psychic energies of others and oneself. It promotes balance and constancy in feelings. It helps overcome stress and feelings of anxiety, and promotes intellect, inspiration and intuition.

Amethyst : Amethyst purifies your environment. It brings harmony and softness to your interior. It protects against negative energies by purifying them.

Black Obsidian East a very strong protective stone . It has powerful metaphysical properties that protect against negativity and stress . It dissolves anger and helps you have self-confidence.

These wands can be used as part of a crystal grid and energy healing.


  • Materials: set of 3 Wands: Labradorite, Black Obsidian, Amethyst
  • Dimensions: Labradorite ( 5x1.5 cm), Black Obsidian (5x2 cm), Amethyst (5x2 cm)
  • Weight: Labradorite (20 gr), Black obsidian ( 30 gr), Amethyst (35 gr)


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