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“Comfort & Reference” Yoga Mat

“Comfort & Reference” Yoga Mat

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Accompany your yoga session with this high quality “Comfort & Reference” Yoga Mat .

This dual-material yoga mat is made of natural rubber and PU , known for their non-slip properties and comfort . It also allows you to cushion and absorb shock in the event of loss of balance.

Its design has been specially designed to help you in your practice thanks to its reference points . It is ideal for a person starting Yoga

It is an excellent choice for your sessions such as gym, yoga, pilates and other sports, at home or in the gym.

Anchor your feet to the Earth and stabilize your postures and movements thanks to these materials specially chosen for a secure and comfortable practice.

Easy to unroll and roll up, you will be won over by its resistant texture and its grip on the ground.

Choose your rug:

  • Blue: color of expression and appeasement
  • Violet: color of spirituality and wisdom


  • Materials: Rubber and PU
  • Colors available: Purple or Blue
  • Weight: 2,600 g
  • Dimensions: 185 x 68 x 0.45 cm

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