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Inflatable Yoga Ball

Inflatable Yoga Ball

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Improve the flexibility of your spine and pelvis using this Inflatable Yoga Ball .

It allows the Yoga, Pilates or Fitness practitioner to develop their sense of balance and practice new postures.

For excellent safety, the very thick honeycomb structure of this yoga ball can support a static weight of nearly 900 kg and gives it very good grip on the ground .

It is also an ideal accessory for sitting in a good position at the office or strengthening your pelvis in preparation for childbirth!
By sitting on this ball, you maintain a mobile and toned posture at the same time , which allows you to strengthen all your stabilizing muscles while being able to move easily.

The yoga ball is known to be one of the most versatile pieces of home gym equipment. Its pink color, symbol of love, will not fail to bring you good energy to carry out your practice.


  • Materials: latex
  • Pink color
  • Diameter: 65 cm
  • Weight: 800g

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