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Golden singing bowl

Golden singing bowl

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Surrender to the powerful vibrations of this magnificent golden Tibetan bowl which radiates with its brilliance and simplicity. This traditional instrument seduces with its majesty and sobriety; it accompanies you towards a state of relaxation and well-being .

This singing bowl was made from pewter and copper. Through the alloy of these metals, craftsmen can achieve a different and more subtle quality of sound than that of simply brass singing bowls. These metals are associated with a star and a chakra: copper with Venus and the heart chakras and tin with the Moon and the sacral chakra . Thanks to this bowl, you will be able to work on these chakras in particular.

Companions to your yoga and meditation sessions, this bowl fits very well into the decoration of your home . It helps you create an authentic and spiritual atmosphere.

This musical instrument was handcrafted by Indian artisans in Jaipur . It comes with a padded fabric cushion on which to rest it and a wooden mass.


Strike the bowl gently with the wooden mace, close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the vibration of this ancestral instrument. Place your attention on the metallic sound it releases and achieve deep relaxation.


  • Composition: Tin and copper
  • Cushion material: fabric
  • Mass material: wood
  • Sound: Yes
  • Weight of bowl alone: ​​410 g
  • Bowl dimensions alone: ​​12 x 12 x 5 cm
  • Handmade in Jaipur.

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