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Tiger Eye Pyramid

Tiger Eye Pyramid

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This tiger's eye pyramid is perfect if you want to decorate a room with a simple and powerful object to balance the energies circulating there , to protect and soothe you.

The pyramid is a powerful tool for increasing the energy of a stone . This form is perfect for balancing the energies of a place and amplifying its vibration rate.

This tiger's eye pyramid is a powerful protective stone that helps you in your daily life to make decisions and face life's events .

Tiger's Eye brings you comfort when you feel alone or discouraged ; This tiger's eye pyramid wards off feelings of despondency, fear and depression .

Tiger's eye acts on the 3rd chakra which regulates emotions. By promoting your optimism and your self-confidence, this stone also allows you to improve your social, friendly or romantic relationships, to communicate better and to remove the emotional blockages that prevent you from moving forward.

You can place this pyramid in your living room to soothe the people there and promote communication . Place near your bed, this stone soothes nocturnal anxieties and helps you relax so you can fall asleep.

Tiger's Eye helps you balance your yin and yang energies and the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Tiger's eye also acts on the root chakra and helps you ground yourself and find calm. This pyramid can thus assist you in your meditations to help you find relaxation and ease.

This stone stimulates your intuition and the spirit of inquiry , so it can be particularly useful for scientists and people who do research. You can benefit from the help of the Tiger's Eye Pyramid both in your personal and professional life, when you have decisions to make.

In Mesopotamia, the tiger's eye was called oculus belus in reference to Belus, the divinity of fortune. This stone is reputed to ward off the evil eye and protect against negative and malicious external influences.

This stone helps you overcome obstacles and defend yourself against people who would like to oppose your projects . It can therefore be useful to you in your professional environment if you need to bring a project to fruition and you fear blockages from colleagues or your hierarchy.


  • Stone: Tiger's Eye
  • Weight: 165g
  • Dimensions: 5 x 6 cm

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