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Fluorite/Fluorite Pyramid

Fluorite/Fluorite Pyramid

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This rainbow fluorite pyramid is perfect if you are looking for a designer and powerful object to strengthen the energies of a room and give you clarity of mind, strength of decision and support in your discussions.

Calmed and confident, you can look at things from a different angle thanks to this new open-mindedness.
This pyramid helps you change your habits and the way you think about things. It transforms your experience of the world and enriches it .

Associated with the 3rd eye chakra, fluorite allows you to deepen your experience of meditation. Your mind will be calmer and more relaxed.
An excellent emotional and mental stabilizer, this stone also promotes the body's resistance by energizing it and balancing your chakras .

The stone pyramid is a powerful tool for increasing the energy of a stone. This form is perfect for balancing the energies of a place and increasing its vibration rate .

Place this pyramid in your living room, it will raise the vibrations of your room and calm the people in it. Next to your bed, it helps you fall asleep peacefully. Finally, in your office or at work, it promotes communication and exchanges.


  • Stone: Rainbow Fluorite /Fluorite
  • Dimensions: 5 x 6 cm
  • Weight: 230g

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