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Amazonite pyramid

Amazonite pyramid

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This stunning amazonite pyramid radiates the room with positive vibrations. It helps you rediscover the natural joy that you carry within you and soothes you .

The particular shape of the pyramid allows the power of the stone to be increased tenfold, its energy radiates in all directions. It is also a form that helps balance the energies of a room .

You will be able to place this pyramid in the main room of your house, to bring you joy and lightness on a daily basis . If you have difficulty falling asleep, or if you have nightmares, you will like to keep it near your bed. If you have a job that includes mediation and you have to manage conflicts, you can place it on your desk.

Associated with the throat chakra , this amazonite pyramid promotes communication and interpersonal relationships, particularly romantic relationships. It can be beneficial within a couple, by calming fears and helping to recognize the love that exists between its members. Amazonite helps you express yourself clearly and directly, but gently .

Amazonite is attributed with numerous therapeutic virtues.

It would reduce problems linked to cholesterol by promoting the work of the liver and kidneys. It would be beneficial to the lymphatic and respiratory system. It is known to soothe disorders related to sexuality and the reproductive system. Generally speaking, it is said to improve regeneration and promote healing .

On an emotional level, amazonite calms fears and anxieties and strengthens your optimism.


  • Stone: Amazonite
  • Weight: 195g
  • Dimensions: 5 x 6 cm

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