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Black Obsidian Pyramid

Black Obsidian Pyramid

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This black obsidian pyramid is perfect if you are looking for a simple and extremely powerful object to energize the energy of a room , to protect you and strengthen your anchoring.

The pyramid is a powerful tool for increasing the energy of a stone. This form also helps to harmonize the energy of a place and increase its vibrational level .

This magnificent obsidian pyramid constitutes a shield to protect you from external attacks. It helps you fight against dark thoughts and strengthens your self-confidence and your ability to act .

A very powerful volcanic stone, obsidian has a warming and comforting effect . Keeping this pyramid close to you gives you a feeling of well-being and optimism .

Obsidian is believed to have the power to relieve many ailments: joint pain, cramps and muscle tension . It would have purifying power, improve the quality of the skin and promote healing . It would help good digestion and relieve menstrual pain .

Associated with the root chakra, black obsidian helps you ground yourself, feel connected to the earth; it helps you feel the connections that unite you to the people and things around you . Obsidian helps you free yourself from negative projections and fears by bringing you back to reality.

A stone of truth, obsidian accompanies you in your mediations by allowing you to deepen your introspections and access new planes of consciousness . You can use this pyramid during your meditations: it will help you deepen this experience.


  • Stone: Black obsidian
  • Weight: 190g
  • Dimensions: 5 x 6 cm

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