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Red Jasper Pyramid

Red Jasper Pyramid

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Find your anchor with this powerful pyramid in red jasper , the stone of the link to the Earth.

If there is a crystal to help regain strength and stability , it is red jasper ! With its revitalizing vermillion and its dense vibration, it evokes the materiality of incarnation, the blood that pulses in our veins, the energy of life that animates and heals us...

Also, if you feel tired or depressed, let red jasper reconnect you to the nourishing forces of Gaia . Acting on the root chakra , it will help you deploy your energetic roots deep within the earth. The loving and invigorating sap of Mother Earth will rise from the depths to restore your energy and joy of life !

To take full advantage of these earthly energies, place this red jasper pyramid in your home. For example, prefer the living room or the kitchen, where you are active and awake, rather than the bedroom. Indeed, the energizing vibration of red jasper is not ideal for sleep.

The radiance of your red jasper pyramid will promote vitality and stability in all areas of your life.

On a physical level, this red jasper pyramid will first give you strength , endurance and well-being . The mineral will notably promote good health of the circulatory system , optimizing the assimilation of nutrients and keeping the blood well oxygenated.

Rational and balanced, red jasper will help you stay calm in the event of conflict with those close to you. But also, to take concrete and effective measures to overcome your difficulties or materialize your desires.

At work, place your red jasper pyramid on a corner of your desk to help you stay organized , focused and involved in your tasks . Or, to inspire you to take action towards your professional aspirations , whether that's starting your own business or retraining.

Mineral of incarnation, red jasper is an excellent support for cultivating the joy of living, by increasing the pleasure of being. It will enhance anything that gives you physical, sensual and emotional contentment, from a delicious dish to an artistic activity!

If your red jasper pyramid shows variations from the one presented in the store, don't worry. Each stone is unique and may therefore have a different appearance.


  • Stone: Red Jasper
  • Weight: 180g
  • Dimensions: 5 x 6 cm

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