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Pyrite Pyramid

Pyrite Pyramid

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Invite the energies of abundance into your daily life with this superb pyrite pyramid .

Pyrite is known as a stone of wealth . With its golden shine, it was nicknamed "Fool's Gold" because it deceived researchers of the precious metal...

And yet, pyrite is a mineral that could not be more reliable! Forming into cubic crystals in nature, it is a symbol of anchoring , and helps energetically connect to the Earth .

Stabilizing the mind and promoting pragmatism , it encourages the realization of aspirations in matter , but also wealth on all levels. If you want to carry out a personal or professional project, and also see it successful, this stone will be your best ally.

The geometric shape of the pyramid amplifies the energy of the crystals, this object will increase tenfold the natural benefits of pyrite .

You can therefore adopt a pyrite pyramid to help you concentrate , develop your logical mind and sharpen your analytical skills . It will encourage you to put things into perspective and to keep your feet on the ground in all circumstances to be sure to achieve your goals .

This pyramid will also relay the abundance energy of pyrite and diffuse it into your interior. Let it radiate its aura of wealth and create the energetic conditions favorable to financial stability , material goods but also success in any business !

In general, the pyramid helps to dissipate bad vibes and maintain the vibrational harmony of a place and the beings who inhabit it. So place your pyrite pyramid in a key room of your home, and let it diffuse its healing energies there.


  • Stone: Pyrite
  • Weight: 270g
  • Dimensions: 5 x 6 cm

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