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“Balance” pendant in Blue Lace Agate and its 925 Silver eyelet

“Balance” pendant in Blue Lace Agate and its 925 Silver eyelet

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Invite the understated elegance and calming energy of blue lace agate into your life with this pretty pendant.

Like the waters released after the melting of a glacier, the blue vibration of blue lace agate is refreshing and invigorating . Its soft, circular patterns have a beneficial influence on both the mind and the emotions .

Wear this blue lace agate pendant to calm strong emotions such as anger. The stone will help you regain your calm , while opening your perception to the possible causes of your emotion. It will then invite you to find pragmatic solutions to the problem responsible for your reaction.

Blue lace agate will be particularly indicated if you have difficulty expressing your feelings . So, in a tense situation with a loved one, for example, she will support you in putting your grievances into words in the most neutral way possible.

Encouraging , blue lace agate will support you in all your endeavors, professional and personal. If you are embarking on a project, wear this pendant to feel supported and energized at each stage.

Dispelling limiting thoughts and patterns , the graceful patterns of blue lace agate will help you overcome your inner barriers to achieve your goals.
Stabilizing, your stone will at the same time help to refocus your mind and sharpen your concentration in each task.

Stone of communication , blue lace agate acts particularly on the throat chakra to facilitate self-expression . It will help those who have difficulty making themselves heard, or who are prone to shyness. Clarifying the mind, it will facilitate the formulation of ideas and feelings in words.

Also tap into the vibration of your blue lace agate pendant to develop your personal expression , whether creative or professional. The stone will invite you to share your talents, ideas and creations with others, to bring your greatest contribution to the world.

This blue lace agate pendant includes a small 925 silver eyelet, for passing a chain or cord. In addition, silver facilitates the deployment of the energy of the stones, for an increased therapeutic effect.

Is your jewelry not exactly identical to the one presented on the site? Don't worry: each stone is particular and therefore has its own small characteristics.


  • Stone: Blue Lace Agate
  • Materials: 925 silver
  • Weight: approximately 4 or 5 gr
  • Dimensions: approximately 20 mm

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