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“Feminine and Communication” Pendant in Chrysocolla

“Feminine and Communication” Pendant in Chrysocolla

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Wear this splendid chrysocolla pendant for its magnificent turquoise blue, but also in support of the Feminine within you.

Stone of feminine energies, chrysocolla will be ideal for connecting you to your inner wisdom .

In his presence, your intuition and your imagination will be magnified. Beyond the rational mind, you will be able to draw on your inner guidance to broaden your perceptions, make a decision or understand a situation. With this chrysocolla pendant around your neck, connect with your inner world and the universal Feminine, to meditate, regenerate and find answers.

The frequency of chrysocolla , like a gentle wave, also naturally helps to restore inner peace.

Also, if you are subject to stress or worry, for example for professional reasons, a chrysocolla pendant will help you refocus. Its blue-green energy will work on your anxiety like a magic ointment, replacing it with a deep feeling of calm .

We can also benefit from chrysocolla for its positive action on the throat chakra . By purifying and opening this real energy valve, chrysocolla allows the free circulation of energies and information. In doing so, it makes ideas, thoughts and words more fluid, thus allowing for better communication .

Its link with this chakra and with the Feminine makes it a particularly suitable crystal for the transmission of knowledge linked to femininity. Or, for women or women-identified people who work in the field of teaching. Wearing a chrysocolla pendant will facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and give depth and impact to the information given.

The action of chrysocolla on the throat chakra will also be welcome if you are looking to develop your personal expression . Whether at work, in an artistic or manual activity, a chrysocolla pendant will help you give shape to your ideas.

This chrysocolla pendant has a hole for a cord or chain to pass through, for an elegant and natural look.

If your jewelry is not identical to the one presented in store, don't panic! As each stone is unique, it is normal to observe small differences in color, inclusions and size.


  • Stone: Chrysocolla
  • Weight: approximately 7 to 10 g
  • Dimensions: between 25 and 30 mm

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