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“Light of the Earth” Pendant in Amber

“Light of the Earth” Pendant in Amber

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Wear this stunning amber pendant and ignite a sunshine of pure energy in your heart. The earthly and solar vibrations of this mineral in its own right will accompany you towards physical, emotional and energetic well-being .

Let the amber in you shine with all its golden light. Millions of years ago, this fossilized resin enveloped small insects and organic residues, trapping them forever in its matrix. Likewise, this purifying amber pendant will absorb physical toxins from the body, and rid your aura of its vibrational pollution. A true catalyst for healing on all levels!

So in contact with your skin, this amber pendant will diffuse its beneficial and nourishing waves to help you heal emotionally .
Stimulating the solar plexus chakra , a place of physical and metaphysical digestion, it will promote the assimilation of difficult experiences by the heart and mind.

The emotional energies thus de-crystallized will be replaced by a light of pure well-being. You will also have the deep feeling of being in control of your life, because you will know how to learn from your experiences to emerge stronger.

In addition, in support of the sacred chakra, amber will awaken in you the life forces of sexual energy and creativity . Wear this pendant as much to solve problems in bed as to ignite the creative fire in you and give birth to new ideas.

Amber is a precious, ancient heritage, containing the infinite wisdom of Mother Nature as well as its therapeutic forces. With this amber pendant, you will be able to connect with the guidance, memory and good vibrations of the Earth .

Remember that each stone is unique, and may therefore have differences in colors, shades, shape and size compared to the jewel presented in the store. But rest assured, this in no way alters its powers and benefits.


  • Pierre: Amber
  • Weight: between 7 and 10 g
  • Dimensions: approximately 25-30 mm

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