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“Truth” Pendant in Black Obsidian

“Truth” Pendant in Black Obsidian

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Ready to face your fears and inner demons, to truly evolve towards the best? So, wear this elegant black obsidian pendant . Its jet black glass, honest and uncompromising, will give you the raw reflection of your inner world. The beautiful, but also the frightening…

Black obsidian is well known in the world of lithotherapy for its ability to make us plunge into our own shadows . Not for evil purposes, on the contrary! Its deep objective is to confront us with what torments us in order to transcend and overcome it .

You can therefore wear this black obsidian pendant to accept, finally, everything that you refuse to see.

The powerful stone will bring your emotions, fears and insecurities to the surface so you can confront them. With obsidian, you will learn that these demons are not your enemies. They are simply messengers, who need your attention to help you heal and grow .

By experiencing the pain/well-being polarity, you will develop a better understanding of yourself, as well as an increased perception of your limits, needs and deep desires. This is the most beautiful gift of black obsidian : by taking you through your inner mists , it also shows you where your personal sun shines.

This black obsidian pendant will also accompany you through the experiences that scare you, but that you want to experience. While reassuring you, particularly through its action on the root chakra , the center of internal security, it will push you to get started!

Stone of Truth , you can generally use black obsidian to see things as they are. Consult his frank energy when you ask yourself questions about subjects that concern you , such as love, your life path or even your health. She will give you an honest and unfiltered answer.

With one hand placed on your black obsidian pendant , ask to receive its guidance in all your questions and dilemmas. She will show you the right path.

Pierced with a hole to pass a cord or chain through, this pendant lends itself to a simple style.

Does your pendant not look exactly like the jewelry presented in the shop? Don't worry, it's completely normal: each stone is unique and therefore has its own small characteristics.


  • Stone: Black Obsidian
  • Weight: approximately 20 mm
  • Dimensions: approximately 25-30 mm

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