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“Relaxation and Vitality” pendant in Ametrine

“Relaxation and Vitality” pendant in Ametrine

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This pretty ametrine pendant , combining the powers of amethyst and citrine, will envelop you in an energy that is both soothing and invigorating .

Ametrine is a unique blend of amethyst and citrine. Vibrationally, it creates a very special synergy between the invigorating waves of citrine and the calming vibration of amethyst.

One might think that these two apparently opposite effects cancel each other out... On the contrary: the body and mind relaxed by the amethyst part, the vital energy circulates more easily, boosted subsequently by the citrine part.

So, wear this ametrine pendant to immerse yourself in a state of total relaxation while keeping your mind alert and your perceptions open. The yellow and purple radiance of ametrine will establish a deep feeling of vibrant peace throughout your being.

Thus immersed in this harmony between active and meditative energies, you will act in full consciousness to overcome an obstacle or realize your aspirations. Your analytical skills will be sharpened, as will your intuition, creating a constructive dynamic between intellect and instinct .

Unique in its kind, ametrine assumes its difference! She invites you to do the same by fully accepting your own originality and to express your creativity without judging yourself.

With this ametrine pendant, your creative spirit will be awakened, and you will be inspired to explore your individuality in all its nuances and dimensions.

Furthermore, acting on both the solar and coronal plexus chakras , ametrine has a particular effect on the vibrational system. While stimulating the center of assimilation and personal power which is the solar plexus chakra, it opens the crown chakra, seat of intuition.

This double action generates a unique vibration which will encourage you to take into account both your physical and subtle sensations in your evolution . Thus, you will progress on your path by integrating your experiences in the matter , while relying on your higher guidance at all times.

This ametrine pendant has a small hole dug directly into the stone to pass a cord through. For a look that is both natural and elegant, all in simplicity.

Is your stone different from the one presented in our store? This is normal: each stone is particular and has its distinctive features and colors. Its virtues remain the same!


  • Pierre: Ametrine
  • Weight: between 7 and 10 g
  • Dimensions: approximately 25-30 mm

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