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“Success” pendant in Black Spinel and its 925 Silver eyelet

“Success” pendant in Black Spinel and its 925 Silver eyelet

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Let yourself be charmed by this elegant black spinel pendant , to give you confidence in all circumstances and revitalize you.

The name spinel comes from the Latin spina, meaning “thorn”, because of its pointed crystals in the raw state. Like its original form, spinel's energy is sharp and determined.

Thus, this pendant accompanies you towards success by strengthening your self-confidence . Whatever the obstacles in front of you, you feel equipped to overcome them and move towards your goals.

This jet black crystal invites you to trust your inner resources . This, whether it’s solving a problem or being creative. Resilient, black spinel opens your mind to adopt new points of view and go beyond your difficulties .

Improving your concentration , black spinel also helps you stay focused on your task, without getting distracted. In fact, with this magnificent pendant, success is assured, in all areas of your life .

The powerful vibration of black spinel is also invigorating . The stone dissipates heavy energies in the body and aura, and recirculates the life force. So call on this mineral for a little boost, for example in the middle of the afternoon. It awakens your creative forces and strengthens your vitality .

Finally, acting on the root chakra , black spinel helps you stay grounded and hold on in all situations, even the most difficult. A stone of endurance , it encourages you to continue your adventures, including on arduous paths!

Wear this black spinel pendant both to cultivate your self-confidence and to protect yourself from harmful influences . Its energy radiates into your heart and throughout your body to keep you centered at all times .

Fitted with a 925 silver eyelet for the passage of a cord, this pendant is simply made of a rolled black spinel stone. In fact, it retains both the natural beauty and powerful energy of the stone .

Please note that each stone in our pendants is unique: you may therefore receive a tumbled stone that is slightly different from the one in the photo regarding its colors, shapes and inclusions. But rest assured, this will in no way affect the powers of your crystal.


  • Stone: Black Spinel
  • Materials: 925 silver
  • Weight: approximately 4-5 gr
  • Dimensions: approximately 19mm

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