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Nephrite Jade “Protection Bubble” Pendant

Nephrite Jade “Protection Bubble” Pendant

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Surround yourself with the protective energy of nephrite jade on any occasion. It will immediately repel bad vibrations , thus preserving your balance on all levels.

So wear this nephrite jade pendant in spaces with stressful environments, such as public transport or a crowded street. The jewel will deploy its vibration to ward off disturbances coming from these places.

A “shield” effect that will also work with others. In all your interactions, your nephrite jade pendant will help you not to let yourself be affected by the energy of those around you . This, while being present for them and showing kindness towards them.

The pretty amulet around your neck will make you feel completely protected wherever you go. In this sense, this pretty nephrite jade pendant will contribute to your inner peace, surrounding you with a bubble of green energy where you can relax.

Calming, nephrite jade will generally have the best effect if you suffer from chronic stress or anxiety. Even if your feeling of anxiety has no specific origin, the pretty stone will help you completely relax by diffusing tranquilizing waves in your body and mind.

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  • Stone: Nephrite Jade
  • Weight: around 7 to 10 gr
  • Dimensions: approximately 20-25 mm

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