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“Priestess” Pendant in Moonstone and 925 Silver

“Priestess” Pendant in Moonstone and 925 Silver

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Like a high priestess, celebrate and strengthen your feminine power by wearing the energies that will reveal your inner divinity like this pretty Moonstone necklace .

Its teardrop-shaped design and the discreet reflections of the Moonstone will bring an elegant and soft touch to your style.

Moonstone is a calming and soothing stone. It softens angry temperaments and brings tenderness and harmony to relationships.

Stone of femininity , it stimulates fertility and protects pregnancy and childbirth. This stone is very good for people with hormonal imbalances, painful periods or difficulties linked to menopause.

On a psychological level, it promotes clairvoyance and premonition. It also facilitates lucid dreams.

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  • Materials: Rainbow Moonstone, 925 Silver
  • Stone size: 12 x 16 mm
  • Total height: 25 mm
  • Weight: 3.2g
  • Delivered without collar

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