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Citrine “Inner Sun” Pendant

Citrine “Inner Sun” Pendant

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With this pretty citrine pendant , take a large glass of vitamin C...energetic! Its golden light, like the sun's rays, will warm your heart and soul in no time.

Joyful citrine is ideal for restoring physical and mental vitality . If you are feeling a little sluggish, its energy, as refreshing as a citrus juice , will give you strength and tone . Dispelling confusion, it will also make your mind alert and sharpen your concentration .

Also wear this citrine pendant to accompany you in a period of change .

Citrine is one of the few crystals that does not hold energy. Also, this pale to bright yellow quartz is ideal for promoting evolution and transformation in any area of ​​daily life. Whether it's a move, a career change or changing certain habits, citrine will be a great ally in promoting novelty. Also wear this pendant to infuse you with energy and optimism through these sometimes destabilizing phases of transformation.

Excellent for morale , citrine will shine its light on a sky filled with clouds. So keep it close to you, for example as a pendant, to accompany you through a difficult period.

Acting on the solar plexus chakra , it will help you digest heavy emotions such as sadness or despair.

In doing so, it will provide profound psychological relief on the one hand, and on the other hand, invite you to learn from your emotions and feelings. With it, you will assimilate the most difficult experiences and learn the lessons necessary for your development.

Supporting your individual power , citrine will help you see how you can evolve towards a life more aligned with your aspirations. Sun shining on your horizons, it will make you see beyond the mist, towards the exciting possibilities of your life.

Finally, wear this citrine pendant regularly to promote wealth! Its golden waves will call for abundance in all its forms: money, loving relationships and experiences full of new things.

Pierced with a small hole for the passage of a cord or a small chain, this natural stone pendant will enhance your style with elegance and discretion.

If you receive a pendant different from the one shown in store, don't worry! Each stone is unique, so it is normal to observe small particularities on each piece of jewelry such as color, shape, inclusions as well as weight or size.


  • Stone: Citrine
  • Weight: approximately 7-10 gr
  • Dimensions: about 25-30mm

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