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“Tree of Life” Necklace in Moonstone and 925 Silver

“Tree of Life” Necklace in Moonstone and 925 Silver

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Let yourself be inspired by this superb pendant in the shape of a tree of life, in 925 silver and moonstone ...

The tree of life is a symbol of the connection between Earth and Heaven , but also of wisdom and eternal cycles. We invite him into his life to solicit the regenerative forces of Mother Nature , as well as higher guidance .

Moonstone , for its part, has been celebrated for centuries as a stone of the Feminine, of intuition, meditation and imagination . It helps its user to connect to their inner world.

Also, you can first wear this tree of life pendant in silver and moonstone to connect with your intuitive wisdom . She will guide you towards achieving your desires, whether you want to regain strong health, make your finances flourish, heal your relationships or flourish professionally.

A symbol of constant renewal , the tree of life is also conducive to new beginnings . An energy that will wonderfully complement the powers of imagination of moonstone . So, wear this jewel to draw your future in your mind , and take the direction of change by trusting your intuition.

Tender and soothing , moonstone promotes gentleness . Delicately contained in the tree of life with this magnificent pendant, this stone will help you flourish in your relationships . It will encourage you to show empathy towards others , while providing love and kindness to yourself.

In addition, the 925 silver of this pretty pendant, not content with giving it a touch of elegance, will play the role of conductor for the energy of the moonstone . A jewel as beautiful as it is powerful!

Furthermore, with its branches stretching towards the heavens, the tree of life worn as a jewel will also help you channel the guidance of higher planes . With your silver and moonstone tree of life pendant, connect to the wise voice of your guides or the Universe...

At Karma Yoga Shop, we want to offer you products combining quality and ethics . This is why our jewelry is sourced from suppliers who are rigorous in terms of stones and materials , but also respectful of human beings and the environment .

By ordering this moonstone and silver necklace , you participate in a virtuous chain, which prioritizes quality as much as the well-being of man and the Earth.


  • Stone: Moonstone
  • Material: 925 silver
  • Weight: 40g
  • Dimensions: approximately 4.3 cm
  • Chain length: approx. 46 cm

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