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“Brigit” Pendant in Labradorite and 925 Silver

“Brigit” Pendant in Labradorite and 925 Silver

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Carry the strength and divine power of the Celtic Goddess Brigit, goddess of healing and protection , thanks to this “Brigit” Pendant in natural Labradorite stone .

Labradorite is known to act as a shield. It dispels ailments, sorrows and other inharmonious energies.

It is an essential stone for all therapists or anyone in a helping relationship (medical staff, teachers, lawyers, beauticians, etc.) because it acts as a protective barrier and will allow you to remain centered and lucid despite spills. discordant mental and emotional issues that can be projected by the many people you encounter every day.

It is also a stone which stimulates the activation of the Third Eye (the 6th Chakra), which accelerates the awakening and the development of clairvoyance and clairaudience abilities. Fall for this labradorite necklace !


  • Materials: Labradorite, 925 silver
  • Stone size: 4x4.8x10 mm
  • Weight: 6.9g
  • Total height (stem included): 3.8 cm
  • Delivered without collar

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