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“Confidence” pendant in Lapis Lazuli

“Confidence” pendant in Lapis Lazuli

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Need an extra dose of self-confidence ? So, wear this stunning lapis lazuli pendant. Its deep blue dotted with gold will do wonders to help you regain your confidence and shine to your best shine!

Lapis lazuli figures in the history of crystals as the Stone of Kings. Evoking the majesty of a starry sky, this superb mineral was appreciated by monarchs and authority figures for its appearance, but also for its powers.

Thus, vibrating with an intense blue aura, lapis lazuli is excellent for overcoming shyness. Encouraging you to tap into your own inner resources, it reminds you that you are already worthy of feeling appreciated and valued. While calming anxiety and insecurity thanks to its tranquilizing waves, it puts you back in touch with your own magnificence.

Indeed, acting on the throat chakra , it helps you overcome your personal barriers and encourages fluid communication. With your lapis lazuli pendant near this energy center, you will be able to develop more fluid and transparent communication.

Through this effect on the throat chakra, lapis lazuli will actually connect you to your most authentic expression .

It will invite you to share your hidden beauty, your talents and your strengths, with the rest of the world. Whether you are an artist, a starred chef or a children's storyteller, the beautiful Pierre des Rois will magnify all your messages and creations. And your audience will receive these with even more delight!

Know that lapis lazuli also acts on the third eye chakra, the center of correct perception. So wear this jewel not only for its superb appearance, but also to awaken your intuition and extrasensory perceptions , notably clairvoyance.

Your lapis lazuli pendant is simply pierced with a hole to pass a small chain or cord through. Its natural splendor is thus preserved, for a look that is both beautiful and simple.

If your pendant is a little different from the one presented in our shop, this could not be more normal. Each stone is unique and therefore has a particular appearance. But rest assured: his powers don’t change!


  • Stone: Lapis Lazuli
  • Weight: around 7 to 10 gr
  • Dimensions: approximately 20-25 mm
  • Hole size: approximately 1.5 mm

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