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“Stability” pendant in Petrified Wood and its 925 Silver eyelet

“Stability” pendant in Petrified Wood and its 925 Silver eyelet

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This beautiful petrified wood pendant will surround you with its stabilizing and invigorating energy by reconnecting you to the forces of the Earth.

Petrified wood is a fascinating material... It is fossilized organic matter, from plants that lived centuries, or thousands, sometimes millions of years ago. With this pendant, it is a part of the memory of the Earth that you take with you.

You will therefore be able to draw on its aura to invoke the guidance and wisdom of our planet . What better source of inspiration and advice than our dear Earth to learn to live in harmony with ourselves, others and with nature?

So let your petrified wood pendant guide you in your important decisions , or simply help you reconnect with Mother Nature .

Having survived the ages down to us, petrified wood has preserved intact the appearance of trees that disappeared a long time ago. The patterns and knots of the original wood have remained exactly the same, despite time and countless weather and climate changes.

This energy of unfailing stability will accompany you to establish harmony in all areas of your life . Whether it is about sustainably cultivating happy relationships, sustaining a business or developing good habits, petrified wood will be your ally.

The stabilizing power of this superb mineral will also be beneficial to you in finding inner peace . With it, it will be easier to refocus after an emotionally or psychologically disturbing period.

Finally, acting in particular on the root chakra , your petrified wood pendant will reconnect you to the reassuring presence of the Earth and the material world. This energy center thus purified and stimulated, you will feel deeply confident and capable of accomplishing here below everything your heart desires.

This petrified wood pendant has a small 925 silver eyelet for passing a cord through. This metal also allows the mineral to deploy all its powers. For a look that is both distinguished and natural!

Does your jewelry not look exactly like the one presented in store? This is normal: each stone is unique, and therefore has its distinctive features and colors. The virtues, for their part, do not change!


  • Stone: Petrified Wood
  • Materials: 925 silver
  • Weight: around 4 to 5 gr
  • Dimensions: approximately 20 mm

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