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“Protection and Soothing” Necklace in Kyanite and 925 Silver

“Protection and Soothing” Necklace in Kyanite and 925 Silver

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This necklace seduces you with the simple and majestic beauty of the kyanite that composes it. The 925 silver structure allows the stone to release all its powers.

Indeed, kyanite is a stone that brings calm and balance , especially after shock or trauma. It allows you to free yourself from the influence of the past. It is a very effective protective stone and helps protect against stress and negative energies. It helps in particular to regain restful sleep.

Wearing this necklace gives you self-confidence and helps you in your daily life to overcome difficulties and find solutions.

The stone of this sublime necklace allows you to develop your clairvoyance, it helps you to confront reality, to discern the truth and to make good decisions . Kyanite can be useful if you have undertaken introspective work and can help you deepen your meditation sessions.


  • Stone: Kyanite
  • Material: 925 Silver
  • Size: about 4.5cm
  • Pendant weight: approximately 42 g
  • Chain and pendant weight: around 100 gr
  • Chain length: about 46cm

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