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Carnelian “Life Forces” Pendant

Carnelian “Life Forces” Pendant

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Enjoy the revitalizing presence of carnelian in the form of this lovely pendant. The bright orange stone, crystal of creative fire, will infuse you with a refreshing dose of pure energy .

Carnelian is well known for its invigorating powers . It awakens the creative forces lurking at the heart of our cells, and circulates the energy of life through the body. Ideal for a little boost!

So wear this carnelian pendant if you feel overwhelmed, tired or a little down. Its invigorating waves will awaken your inner strengths and your natural joie de vivre , helping you to see life from another angle.

Without erasing your difficulties, carnelian will imbue you with a vibration of optimism , which will help you see solutions to your problems. At the same time, it will give you the physical tone necessary to overcome obstacles.

Protective and reassuring , carnelian will accompany you with its warm aura in your adventures and various experiences.

With its action on the root chakra , carnelian will give you confidence and liveliness in all circumstances. In his presence, you will feel enveloped in a radiant field of orange light, which will guide you and protect you against dangers .

Stone of the sacred chakra , carnelian will also be useful if you are looking to awaken the fire of passion in all areas of your life.

So, wear this carnelian pendant as much to stimulate your creativity as to boost your libido . With carnelian , you will be able to let the passionate artist within you express herself fully in your creative activities, at work... and under the sheets!

This natural stone pendant is pierced with a discreet hole, allowing the passage of a small chain or cord. A beautiful and sober piece of jewelry that will make you shine brightly.

If your jewelry is not identical to the one presented in store, don't panic! As each stone is unique, it is normal to observe small differences in color, inclusions and size.


  • Stone: Carnelian
  • Weight: between 7 and 10 g
  • Dimensions: approximately 25-30 mm

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