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Pendant “Anchor” in Septaria

Pendant “Anchor” in Septaria

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This superb septaria pendant will instill in you an energy of anchoring and unfailing stability .

By wearing this necklace, you may have the feeling of wearing an ancient and mysterious amulet... Evoking a dragon's egg, it will restore your own inner fire thanks to its warm vibrations.

With it, you will feel capable of facing the obstacles that stand before you, like a warrior or a knight setting out to attack a fortress. It is particularly through its action on the root chakra and the solar plexus chakra that septaria will galvanize you.

Its effect on the root chakra , center of connection to earthly forces, will contribute to good physical and mental vitality .

So with this jewel, not only will you feel full of energy and clear mind , but you will be carried by a feeling of inner security . The Earth supports you, and you can always find solutions to your problems by acting with pragmatism.

Also acting on the solar plexus chakra , this septaria pendant will accompany you on a daily basis to connect you to your feelings .

This center of emotional assimilation and individual capacity thus stimulated, you will be aware that you can “digest” and overcome all difficulties . But also, that you can give shape to your most incredible dreams by trusting your instinct!

Protective, the septaria will do everything to help you preserve peace and harmony. While promoting stability in the different spheres of your life , it will effectively repel disruptive energies .

Therefore, wear this septaria pendant to be protected at all times against bad vibrations in a place or group of people. This jewel will act at the same time on your centers of action and personal power, focusing your attention on harmony and well-being whatever happens .

Simply pierced with a small hole to pass a cord or chain through, this pendant will be perfect for a style that is both natural and elegant .

Each stone is unique, so the tumbled stone you receive may be slightly different, in terms of its inclusions, its color or its size, than that of the photo. Don't worry, though, his powers remain the same!


  • Peter: Septaria
  • Weight: between 7 and 10 g
  • Dimensions: approximately 25-30 mm

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