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Crystal Ball "Imagination"

Crystal Ball "Imagination"

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This “Imagination” Crystal Ball is one of the best-known and oldest divinatory instruments in the world.

An essential among the divinatory arts and prediction tools, the crystal ball will help you access a state of consciousness conducive to divination by capturing subtle energies.

How to use a crystal ball?

To begin, relax and sit in a quiet place with dim lighting. Afterwards :

  • Place your hands on this ball for a few minutes so that your energy is imbued with this divinatory instrument.
  • Ask your question/intention and take your hands off the ball
  • Fix your gaze and concentrate on the ball without blinking until your field of vision becomes blurry
  • Stay like this until you see images, shapes, colors ...
  • When the images fade, stop viewing and start interpreting them

You can practice for yourself or for your loved ones: no need to be a clairvoyant, oracle or medium to feel the positive effects on your clairvoyance or your intuition! The crystal ball can be used in addition to Marseille tarot readings, oracles, astrology, numerology or any other esoteric practice aimed at predicting your future or analyzing a current situation.

A real crystal ball, ideal for photographers

Also, it is not only a support for clairvoyance and divinatory art. This Crystal Ball is also a precious accessory for amateur or professional photographers looking for originality:

You can express your creativity by taking photos of this crystal decorative object in the environment you want. You will obtain superb inverted images of objects or landscapes thanks to the refraction of light by the crystals. Crystal balls are ideal for taking pretty photos on your social networks.


  • Materials: K9 crystal and wooden base
  • Diameter: approximately 8 cm
  • Weight: approximately 250 g

Warning: Intensive direct sunlight may cause a fire.

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