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Crystal Lotus Flower "Feng Shui"

Crystal Lotus Flower "Feng Shui"

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This magnificent “Feng Shui” Crystal Lotus Flower is the symbol of absolute purity , spiritual awakening and fidelity .

The Lotus Flower has the specificity of taking root in mud or mud, while its flower blooms majestically on water. Intact in the face of impurity, the lotus represents purity of heart and mind.

The crystal is a symbol of purity and clarity , it is both the visible and the invisible. It allows light to pass through and make its contours disappear to create a sumptuous and magical illusion of lights.

In Feng Shui , this Crystal Lotus Flower will initiate better circulation and balance of Qi energies in your environment. Which will bring in:

  • Your home: success, harmony and balance
  • Your relationship: happiness and communication
  • Your family relationships: wealth and success, health and protection.

Place your Crystal Lotus Flower in a sunny location (home or office) so that it can emit pretty colored reflections and harmonize the energies of your room.

Choose the color(s) that you like the most:

  • Blue : represents peace, calm, serenity, freshness but also sensitivity.
  • Green : symbolizes naturalness, balance, freshness but also happiness, harmony, success, energy, optimism, youth, calm and serenity.
  • Purple : symbolizes subtlety, mystery, romance, idealism and protection. It also symbolizes freshness, purity, peace and luxury. It calms and stimulates mental activity.
  • White / transparent : represents positive values ​​such as purity, balance or innocence. It symbolizes nobility and refinement, calm, peace and serenity. It brings light and gives a feeling of freshness.
  • Multicolor : represents all the colors that make up the colors of the rainbow. It is the symbol of alliance and serenity.


  • Materials: K9 crystal
  • Diameter: approximately 8 cm
  • 5 colors available: green, blue, purple, white/transparent and multicolor
  • Weight: approximately 250 g

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