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“Love and Light” Necklace in Rose Quartz and Amber

“Love and Light” Necklace in Rose Quartz and Amber

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Wear this superb “Love and Light” necklace in rose quartz and amber , to benefit from an energy that is both comforting and revitalizing.

Stone of the heart chakra, the rose quartz which makes up this necklace will envelop this energy center to awaken compassion and unconditional love. It will be particularly beneficial for soothing heavy emotions such as sadness or feelings of loneliness.

By acting directly on the heart chakra , this jewel will also help you develop an empathetic and harmonious relationship with the world. It will thus encourage you to cultivate the balance between self-giving and personal limits .

Vibrating with maternal tenderness, this rose quartz and amber necklace will also be ideal for reassuring a worried baby or young child . You will find this bracelet in a baby version in our collection of amber jewelry .

Additionally, the stunning bright yellow amber of this necklace will emit a beneficial solar vibration to invigorate the body and mind. True crystallized light, fossilized resin will rid your entire being of its energetic pollution and toxins.

At the same time, this precious mineral will connect you to the regenerating force of trees and the Earth. You can wear this rose quartz and amber necklace to fill yourself with earthly forces and connect you to the unconditional love of Gaia.

Worn from a very young age, this superb jewel will also encourage the development of a global consciousness in children, that of belonging to a rich and magnificent whole: the Earth.

This amber and rose quartz necklace is made of baroque style pearls with a raw appearance, for a style closer to nature.

We have chosen the best quality amber , coming from deposits on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

We consider amber to be a delicate material, whose natural beauty is revealed by our artisanal work, and whose energy remains intact.

Our artisans smooth and polish each piece of amber beads before joining them into this beautiful necklace.


  • Stones: Amber from the Baltic Sea, fossilized 44 million years ago, and Rose Quartz
  • Weight: approximately 10 g
  • Length: 45cm

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