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“Lueur du Coeur” Bracelet in Rose Quartz and Amber

“Lueur du Coeur” Bracelet in Rose Quartz and Amber

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Wear this adorable rose quartz and amber bracelet , and immerse yourself in a pink and gold light that will connect you to unconditional love .

With rose quartz, you will instantly feel enveloped in an infinitely gentle and caring energy.

Rose quartz is the stone of the heart chakra, the center of compassion and empathy. By reconnecting with the frequency of this energy center, your baroque rose quartz and amber bracelet will invite you to open your heart. With him, you will fully open up to your feelings and those of others, with the tenderness of a mother for her child.

This bracelet will help you cultivate love in your life , in all its forms. So, by wearing it, you will naturally be inclined to show your tenderness to those you love.

The soft rose quartz will also be beneficial for baby and you will find an equivalent of this bracelet in a baby version in our collection of baby bracelets .

The bright yellow amber of your amber and rose quartz bracelet will diffuse the age-old and therapeutic forces of the earth within you. Fossilized resin is in fact a true concentrate of life energy .

So call on it to promote healing both physically and psychologically. Not content with stimulating cellular regeneration, amber will also help you recover from trauma and painful experiences. This, by facilitating the digestion of difficult emotions that you have put aside until now.

This baroque-style rose quartz and amber bracelet is made of polished stones, for a look that is both chic and discreet.

We have chosen the best quality amber , coming from deposits on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

We consider amber to be a delicate material, whose natural beauty is revealed by our artisanal work, and whose energy remains intact .

Our artisans smooth and polish each piece of amber and rose quartz beads before joining them into this beautiful bracelet.

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  • Stones: Amber from the Baltic Sea, fossilized 44 million years ago, and Rose Quartz
  • Weight: approximately 10 g
  • Length: 19cm

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