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“Shades of the Earth” necklace in Amber in 4 colors

“Shades of the Earth” necklace in Amber in 4 colors

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Wear this magnificentAmber necklace in 4 “Shades of the Earth” colors , to benefit from the powers of amber in all its nuances .

Amber is a fascinating material... Formed from the fossilized resin of trees that lived millions of years ago, it is halfway between a mineral and a plant. It sometimes contains in its case some plant or insect residues, trapped by the flow of resin from a long-gone era.

Thus, immortalized organic matter, amber crystallizes earthly forces forever. It is, therefore, a true concentrate of life energy , which tones the being on all levels . This necklace made entirely of amber will restore vitality in you by circulating energies throughout your body like sap circulates in the tree.

Purifying, it will also help to cleanse stagnant energies, both on a mental and emotional and subtle level. Use it to evacuate blocked emotions, clarify the mind , but also to rid your subtle bodies of their vibrational pollution.

The warm vibration of amber will also be beneficial for your child or baby, you will also find this model in the collection of amber jewelry for babies .

Amber has crossed eras and continents, and during its long journey across the seas, it has stored the experience of the Earth. In fact, it is said that the wisdom and history of the planet are preserved in him. With this 4-color amber pendant, connect to the rich knowledge of Gaia. You will benefit from his advice and learn from his long experience.

The four shades of amber in this jewel will infuse your style with a chromatic aura, which will warm hearts and delight the eyes. Its elongated, raw-looking beads will add a touch of earthy beauty to any outfit.


  • Stones: Amber from the Baltic Sea, fossilized 44 million years ago
  • Weight: approximately 17 g
  • Length: 45cm

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