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“Elixir of Life” baby bracelet in Cognac-colored Amber

“Elixir of Life” baby bracelet in Cognac-colored Amber

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This pretty cognac -colored amber bracelet will bathe your baby in the beneficial vibration of resin petrified more than 44 million years ago. The latter will accompany him on a daily basis to promote physical and emotional well-being, while purifying his energies.

A fossilized organic material, amber is a powerful elixir of life in its solid state. Like honey for the soul and the heart, its solar and generous energy will be applied to all its ailments.

Relieving difficult emotions such as sadness, amber jewelry is an excellent ally to get through a difficult phase. This cognac-colored amber bracelet will nourish baby with a vibration full of love and kindness.

A warm aura that will do the greatest good for a baby or young child prone to worry or anxiety.

Famous for protecting a baby's health, amber is known to promote sleep and reduce teething pain . This is why it is sometimes called a “teething bracelet”. This bracelet is therefore very popular with parents who want to help their baby relieve tooth pain naturally, but also by anyone who wants to make a nice birth gift .

This bracelet has been specially designed to be worn by a baby :

  • We have chosen the best quality amber , coming from deposits on the shores of the Baltic Sea.
  • We consider amber to be a delicate material, whose natural beauty is revealed by our artisanal work, and whose energy remains intact .
  • Our artisans smooth and polish each piece of amber beads before joining them into this magnificent amber teething bracelet, very soft for your baby.
  • A screw clasp is present so that baby cannot open his bracelet himself, but it opens automatically if significant traction is exerted. Safety knots are made between each pearl so that none can be scattered in the event of breakage. All this to guarantee your baby optimal safety .

The regenerating presence of amber will also apply to physical ailments. It will absorb pain and illness out of the body, and help flush out toxins. Connected to the solar plexus chakra, it will also promote good digestion.

So give your child this bracelet to relieve stomach aches but also to calm pain related to growth .

Thanks to this pretty cognac-colored amber bracelet, connect it to the grounding and wise forces of the Earth. Through amber, Gaia will fill him with her unconditional love and provide him with precious advice to evolve in harmony with the world.

Your little one will also benefit from this benevolent and nourishing energy coming from the heart of our planet. Thus supported and nourished by the Earth, its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth will be ensured.

This cognac-colored amber bracelet is made of finely smoothed and polished beads to guarantee baby the utmost softness.


  • Stones: Amber from the Baltic Sea, fossilized 44 million years ago
  • Weight: approximately 2 g
  • Length: 14cm


Safety of amber baby jewelry

All our amber bracelets and necklaces for babies comply with the strict regulations imposed by the DGCCRF in France. They have screw clasps and safety knots to guarantee optimal security .

The screw-on clasp is specially designed to prevent a baby from opening their jewelry themselves, but to open automatically in the event of a pull greater than 2.5 kg, to avoid the risk of strangulation.

Each pearl is separated from another by a safety knot which prevents the pearls from scattering and being inhaled or swallowed in the event of breakage.

The amber bracelet is often preferred by parents because it seems safer, and can also be worn on the ankle to be more discreet.

We also advise you to keep a baby wearing amber jewelry under supervision, as with any other object, and remove it during a nap, at night, and during bathing.

How to use amber jewelry

Amber is a plant resin that was fossilized around 44 million years ago. It therefore has a balanced and coherent natural energy which is diffused and transmitted by the simple fact of being worn close to the body. A baby does not have to bite amber beads to soothe his teeth, he just needs to wear his jewel to benefit from all its energetic benefits. Amber jewelry for babies is not a substitute for medications prescribed by your healthcare professional.


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