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Ecological “Solar Rays” bracelet in yellow amber

Ecological “Solar Rays” bracelet in yellow amber

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This 8 mm amber bead bracelet is special, we could describe it as an ecological amber bracelet .

When our artisans smooth and polish amber beads to assemble them into bracelets, many small pieces of amber are left behind during the manufacturing process because they are too small.

This eco-friendly “Solar Rays” bracelet is made from these very small Baltic Sea amber beads .

To support a nature-friendly approach, we decided to press them into modern, low-cost bracelets.

The pressing technique ensures that there is no material other than natural Baltic amber and the healing properties of amber are guaranteed to remain.

It is therefore a bracelet that will particularly appeal to those who are eco-responsible, who like to reuse resources as much as possible to limit their footprint on this planet.

This bracelet will also appeal to those who want an authentic but inexpensive amber bracelet . Indeed, perfectly round 8mm pearls are the hardest to polish and are therefore normally the most expensive. Through this pressing process, you obtain a real amber bracelet but at a low price.

An amber bracelet with many virtues

This ecological “Solar Rays” bracelet in yellow amber will fill you with golden and beneficial energy, capable of restoring physical and mental health.

Equip yourself with this magnificent jewel to promote the regeneration of the body .

Channeling the therapeutic forces of the earth, it will be deployed on all your ailments to soothe and heal them. Amber is said to be a very good painkiller, capable of drawing evil out of the body. Stimulating cellular regeneration and the evacuation of harmful substances, it accelerates remission after an illness or surgical operation.

This therapeutic effect will also apply to your emotional and psychological wounds . You will be able to count on your amber bracelet to heal your heart wounds and recover from certain past experiences. Amber will open a space within you to help you welcome your most difficult feelings with kindness. This of course, in addition to professional support.

Golden amber is particularly recommended for relieving symptoms of depression . Its warm waves will spread throughout you, both to support you, and to fill you with renewed hope for a brighter future.

Amber is deeply connected to the wisdom and experience of the Earth. Crystallizing the history of the planet and people, it will therefore be ideal to guide you through collective memory. Looking for answers about your family's past, humanity's past or even your past lives? So call on fossilized resin and its antediluvian knowledge.

Furthermore, yellow to golden amber acts particularly on the solar plexus chakra to strengthen personal power and self-confidence . Reconnecting you to your feelings, it encourages you to welcome them with openness and to grasp their message to evolve towards a more vibrant life.

This ecological bracelet is made of pressed yellow amber beads with a diameter of 8mm, very soft and rounded. For a look and a solar aura…

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  • Stones: Small pieces of Baltic Amber pressed into 8mm beads
  • Weight: approximately 6 g
  • Length: 19cm

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