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“Total Confidence” rainbow necklace in Amber

“Total Confidence” rainbow necklace in Amber

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Wear this magnificent “Total Confidence” rainbow baroque style necklace in amber , and enjoy the good vibration of crystallized resin in all its ranges.

This stunning amber necklace will diffuse its luminous energy throughout your body to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being . First, by ridding your vibrational system of its pollution and disturbances. Purifying, amber will attract to itself everything that parasitizes your subtle bodies and will recirculate the energy.

Its cleansing effect will also apply on a mental and emotional level: replacing sorrow and depression with vibrant joy, it will invite you to see the bright side of existence. Even in difficult times, your amber rainbow necklace will comfort you and assure you that you can overcome obstacles.

Promoting physical well-being , this jewel will also soothe physical pain and contribute to the body's detoxification process.

Children and babies will also benefit from this necklace, you will find a version adjusted for them in our collection of amber jewelry for babies which is reserved for them.

Acting on the three lower chakras, this “Total Confidence” rainbow amber necklace will help you cultivate deep confidence in yourself and in life.

Thus, its action on the root chakra will allow you to stay grounded and develop a feeling of inner security . You will know how to act concretely in your immediate reality to resolve your problems, whether they are financial or professional for example.

The sacral chakra, for its part, will ensure good circulation of your creative and sexual forces. You will be able to give shape to your ideas… while thriving in bed!

Finally, the solar plexus chakra stimulated by your amber rainbow necklace will nourish your sense of personal power. An assurance based on your ability to accept your feelings and to assimilate your experiences gradually in order to learn from them.

Colorful and invigorating, this superb baroque style necklace has lightly polished pearls which retain their raw appearance. They will infuse a dose of natural beauty into your look.

We have chosen the best quality amber , coming from deposits on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

We consider amber to be a delicate material, whose natural beauty is revealed by our artisanal work, and whose energy remains intact .

Our artisans smooth and polish each piece of amber beads before joining them into this beautiful bracelet.


  • Stones: Amber from the Baltic Sea, fossilized 44 million years ago
  • Weight: approximately 10 g
  • Length: 45cm

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