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Rock Crystal Angel

Rock Crystal Angel

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Invite peace and clarity into your life with this beautiful rock crystal angel .

Beings of light making the link between Heaven and Earth, angels accompany us daily to soothe us and guide us on our path . Vibrating at a frequency much higher than that of the physical world, they are invisible to us. However, their energy is so high and beneficial that we can perceive it in various ways...

Thus, a feeling of well-being or lightness in the body, a sudden flash of light or even a perfectly clear mind, are all signs that can indicate the presence of an angel. Generally speaking, the energy of these etheric beings is lucid and calming.

It is thus very similar to that of rock crystal, renowned for its purifying properties and its clear vibration. It is also used to dispel mental confusion and relieve heavy emotions as well as to help the body get rid of its toxins.

Nicknamed the “grandfather of crystals”, rock crystal crystallizes age-old wisdom and total serenity , acquired over its long existence on Earth. Connected to all of creation, from the physical plane to the subtle planes, it helps us connect with the entire Universe and its inhabitants.

So call on this rock crystal angel to shed light on the dark areas in your life. It will help you find your inner light by dispersing harmful thoughts and calming difficult emotions.

Also draw on its wisdom to find the answers to your questions and connect to higher guidance , such as that of your angels or your personal guides.

Rock crystal corresponds to the archangel Gabriel and the ray of Purity and Harmony. However, you can associate this rock crystal angel with your own guardian angel or guide.


  • Stone: Rock Crystal
  • Weight: 25g
  • Dimensions: 3 x 6 cm

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