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Lapis Lazuli Angel

Lapis Lazuli Angel

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Place this superb lapis lazuli angel in your home, and let it awaken your extrasensory perceptions...

Angels are beings of light who accompany us on a daily basis, guiding us as we progress through this earthly experience. Vibrating at a frequency higher than ours, they are of course invisible, but we can still feel their presence and capture their subtle messages. All you need to do is trust us.

In fact, one of their support missions is precisely to encourage us to trust our feelings . Their simple existence awakens us to our own divine and energetic nature; they invite us to rely on our infinite part, which already knows which path to take.

This energy of intuition is similar to that of lapis lazuli , a stone particularly resonant with the third eye chakra . We use this beautiful royal blue mineral sprinkled with gold to open this center of psychic perception and develop a sharper vision of things .

So integrate this lapis lazuli angel to stimulate your intuition, your clairvoyance, but also to gain confidence in yourself. This beautiful object will help you to believe in your own choices and decisions, as well as to act and speak in accordance with your true nature .

Lapis lazuli corresponds to Archangel Michael and the Ray of Trust, but you can adopt this lapis lazuli angel to represent your own guardian angel or guide.


  • Stone: Lapis Lazuli
  • Weight: 20g
  • Dimensions: 3 x 6 cm

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