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Angel in Unakite

Angel in Unakite

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Integrate this beautiful unakite angel into your interior, and wrap yourself in the comforting energies of home and family.

Infinitely loving and compassionate , the angel is above all a symbol of purity and light . It makes the link between Earth and Sky, between our world and the subtle worlds. An omniscient guide, he communicates with us using signs, like feathers or mirror hours, to comfort us or direct us on our path in life.

By adopting this adorable statuette , you invite the benevolent energies of your etheric ally into your life ...

This natural stone angel is shaped from the tender unakite , the stone of the heart symbolizing the unity and solidarity of the family . Acting on the heart chakra , this stone contributes to emotional and spiritual healing . It also encourages creativity and authentic self-expression.

Unakite also invites us to open ourselves to love in all its forms, particularly family love, that which unites us to our loved ones, to our home or to our community.

So, if you feel alone, this unakite angel will give you the warm feeling of being " at home ", wherever you are. It will also guide you to people who will match you and love you as you are.

Unakite is generally associated with the archangel Uriel and the ray of Peace . However, you can absolutely adopt this statuette to represent your own guardian angel or guide.


  • Stone: Unakite
  • Weight: 27g
  • Dimensions: 3 x 6 cm

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