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Howlite Angel

Howlite Angel

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Cultivate wisdom and compassion with this stunning howlite angel .

Infinitely loving beings, angels convey light and knowledge from higher planes. Bridging Heaven and Earth, they diffuse their enlightening energy into our earthly lives to open our minds and hearts .

To call on them is to open to an omniscient but nevertheless compassionate energy, similar to the energy of howlite. The latter is in fact renowned as being a stone of knowledge , both intellectual and intuitive.

With its fine black stripes running through its pearly white, howlite restores mental clarity and sharpens the intellect, strengthening concentration, analysis and memory. It is an ideal stone to accompany those who are learning, whether academic or spiritual. Open and receptive to the world , howlite encourages the expansion of the mind and heart.

It is also an excellent support for awakening intuition and extrasensory perceptions such as claircognition. Also use it as part of a mediumistic practice , to connect with the beyond.

Its compassionate energy makes it a good ally for soothing and understanding emotional and relational difficulties. While consoling you, it will help you identify the source of your problems.

Invite this natural howlite stone angel into your life to enrich yourself personally and spiritually. Wrapped in its wings of energy, you will feel capable of understanding everything and will open your consciousness to information that contributes to your development, whether intellectual, personal, professional or spiritual.

Howlite corresponds to the archangel Azrael and the ray of the Beyond . However, this howlite angel can represent the guardian angel or guide of your choice.


  • Stone: Howlite
  • Weight: 30g
  • Dimensions: 3 x 6 cm

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