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Rhodonite Angel

Rhodonite Angel

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Invite this natural rhodonite stone angel into your daily life, and let yourself be invaded by the gentle waves of Love...

Devoting unconditional love to his or her protégé, the guardian angel or guide is a luminous and pure being.

His boundless empathy intervenes especially when we need comfort or guidance . When we feel sad or unmotivated, for example, our guardian angel will signal his comforting presence to us through signs or synchronicities. Or, by a feeling of heat in the chest...

With this rhodonite angel , you particularly connect to this loving and healing energy that is found all around you, but also within yourself.

Rhodonite is indeed a stone of the heart , as a space of total acceptance. In this space, all our wounds and old wounds are welcomed and healed thanks to the balm of compassion.

The deep pink stone is also a symbol of vitality and inspiration : it brings us back to the eternal source of life in the center of our chest. Because the heart is also the place of our joy of living and our feeling of fulfillment and openness to the world.

So let this rhodonite angel soothe you in difficult times, and connect you to the creative and expansive joy that resides within you. Whenever you need it, it will relay for you the presence and inspiring advice of your guide or guardian angel.

Know that rhodonite is rather associated with the archangel Jophiel and the ray of Wisdom and Joy . However, you can adopt this rhodonite angel as a symbol of your own guardian angel.


  • Stone: Rhodonite
  • Weight: 45g
  • Dimensions: 3 x 6 cm

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