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Rose Quartz Angel

Rose Quartz Angel

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Immerse yourself in the energies of Love with this beautiful rose quartz angel .

Representing purity and the light descended to Earth to enlighten human beings, the guardian angel is an infinitely beneficial energy, always present at our side. His mission is to console us in difficult times, but also to guide us when we are lost or confused.

It reminds us that we can draw at all times from the resources of Infinite Love within and around us to find comfort and inspiration . A consoling presence that corresponds perfectly to that of rose quartz .

This pale pink mineral angel vibrates with a feminine, maternal energy , which provides immediate relief, particularly in the face of grief and fear. Connected to the higher heart chakra , rose quartz connects us to Divine Love , powerful and unconditional, which accepts us totally as we are.

So adopt this rose quartz angel to diffuse the energy of the higher planes into your interior, as well as a vibration of love and infinite tenderness. It will comfort you in times of fear or sorrow, and encourage harmonious relationships within your family.

Let Him also show you the path to the Heart when you are in doubt... and pay attention to the little signs that indicate the presence of your guide!

Rose quartz is generally associated with Archangel Chamuel and the Ray of Love . However, this little rose quartz angel can also symbolize your own guardian angel.


  • Stone: Rose Quartz
  • Weight: 27g
  • Dimensions: 3 x 6 cm

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