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Angel in Angelite

Angel in Angelite

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Place this adorable angelite angel in your living space, and let it diffuse the energies of the higher planes ...

In all traditions and always, the angel is a representation of the purity and light of the Divine . A light descended to Earth to heal and guide human beings in their individual, spiritual and collective evolution.

Angels are disembodied beings, energies vibrating at high frequency, who evolve on higher planes of existence. They regularly make an excursion to our plane, the earthly plane, to soothe us and advise us when the need arises.

Adopt this angelite , stone of the subtle worlds , and feel its waves, both calming and inspiring, invade you.

The pale blue stone will relay the presence of your etheric guides, giving you peace, calm and confidence . Its relaxing effect is ideal for calming the mind and relieving stress and anxiety.

Angelite will also help you channel the enlightened advice of angels, for example when you are looking for an answer or need to make a choice. It will also sharpen your intuition and your extrasensory perceptions , such as clairaudience.

Angelite is associated with all the archangels. It can also relay the presence of your personal guardian angel.


  • Pierre: Angelite
  • Weight: 25g
  • Dimensions: 3 x 6 cm

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