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Green Aventurine Angel

Green Aventurine Angel

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Adopt this beautiful green aventurine angel and invite the energies of luck and wealth into your life.

Allies of the subtle worlds, the angels accompany us every day to help us flourish and live a happy and full life . They have our best interests at heart, and direct us towards opportunities conducive to our development .

Have you ever had an intuition, a feeling or a sign that told you that you were on the right path, or that pushed you in a certain direction? Perhaps it was your guardian angel, subtly guiding you towards your destiny ...

Green aventurine vibrates with a very similar energy: it is a stone of good fortune , whose green waves attract wealth and luck in all their manifestations. It is conducive to material and spiritual abundance , which takes the form of physical and financial goods as well as experiences .

So invoke this angel in natural green aventurine mineral to cultivate abundance on all levels: financial, material but also human and spiritual. While creating the conditions conducive to wealth , it will guide you on the paths of luck and success.

So listen to his wise advice to take the path to success!

As aventurine is also a powerful stone of regeneration , you can also call on this green aventurine angel to catalyze healing , in your home or in a patient's home. It will assist you wonderfully in the context of energy treatments, for example.

Green aventurine corresponds to the archangel Raphael and the ray of Healing . However, you can request this green aventurine angel to symbolize your own guide or guardian angel.


  • Stone: Green Aventurine
  • Weight: 20g
  • Dimensions: 3 x 6 cm

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