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Sodalite Angel

Sodalite Angel

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Invite this adorable sodalite angel into your living space and let him inspire you to cultivate fluid and clear communication .

A gentle etheric presence, the natural stone angel accompanies us daily from the subtle worlds to comfort and advise us . It generally signals its presence to us by small characteristic signs, such as synchronicities or feathers lying in our path...

He encourages us every day to live in harmony with ourselves , to demonstrate transparency and authenticity . It helps us to overcome our inner blockages and make our voice heard .

This sodalite angel represents particularly well the accompanying mission of our guardian and guide angels in our personal expression. Sodalite , in fact, is renowned for its power over the throat chakra , the center of communication and self-expression .

By opening this energy center and improving the circulation of energies in the body, it is conducive to more accurate and satisfying verbal, oral or artistic communication .

Also, integrate this sodalite angel to help you put your emotions and ideas into words, images, movements or even music ! Enveloping you with its blue wings, it will help you overcome your shyness to convey your feelings as accurately as possible to your interlocutors. It will also encourage you to be fully yourself in all circumstances.

Sodalite is traditionally associated with the Archangel Michael and the Ray of Liberty . However, you can attribute to this statuette the energy of your own guardian angel or guide, if you have one. It will support you just as effectively!


  • Stone: Sodalite
  • Weight: 25g
  • Dimensions: 3 x 6 cm

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