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Labradorite Angel

Labradorite Angel

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Add a pinch of magic to your daily life with this beautiful labradorite angel .

Angels are etheric beings evolving on higher planes of existence. Their mission is, among other things, to facilitate the spiritual and personal evolution of human beings by opening their conscience and their hearts.

Vibrating at a frequency higher than ours and that of the material plane, they are not visible, but we can nevertheless feel their presence , which can result in tingling in the body, a warm sensation in the chest, the impression to be enveloped, or even the feeling that an invisible hand has placed itself on our shoulder.

Angels also let us know that they are among us through mysterious signs, like feathers coming from nowhere, or strange synchronicities. Almost magical signs, which invite us to see life beyond its only material aspect.

This is also the mission of labradorite, known in particular as the stone of magicians and therapists.

With its iridescent reflections and its dark matrix, it is indeed reminiscent of a talisman. An esoteric aura confirmed by its powerful virtues on the body and mind: it is indeed an excellent healing stone, capable of dispelling evil and restoring harmony to all levels of being.

Linked in particular to the third eye chakra, labradorite opens the mind to the subtle dimensions of life by connecting us to invisible channels of information through clairvoyance, claircognition or intuition. It invites us to accept existence as much more complex, rich and mysterious than our physical eyes lead us to believe...

So choose this natural stone angel to facilitate physical, mental, emotional or energetic healing, and to stimulate your psychic faculties. It will be a companion of choice if you carry out a healthcare activity, whether you are a doctor, psychologist or Reiki master, because it will help you to perceive the causes of the problem and to apply the appropriate treatment to the patient.

Labradorite corresponds to Archangel Raziel and the Ray of Mystery, but you can use this labradorite angel as a symbol of your own guide or guardian angel.


  • Stone: Labradorite
  • Weight: 25g
  • Dimensions: 3 x 6 cm

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