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Metatron's Cube Ring "Power and Consciousness" in Gold Plated or 925 Silver

Metatron's Cube Ring "Power and Consciousness" in Gold Plated or 925 Silver

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Let yourself be transported by this ring representing the powerful cube of the archangel Metatron .

Wear this ring and you will feel the intense vibrations of one of the strongest symbols of sacred geometry . Indeed, Metatron's cube concentrates both the Hindu flower of life, the Merkabah (celestial chariot in the Egyptian and then Hebrew tradition) and the five Platonic solids ; it is one of the symbols with the highest vibrational power .

Metatron's cube represents the link between the terrestrial world and the celestial world and all the forces that circulate there. This elegant and captivating ring helps you raise your vibrational strength and balance your energies . It is a good aid for meditators and anyone who wants to raise their consciousness and find harmony .

By wearing this ring, you place yourself under the protection of one of the most important archangels, since he is – etymologically – the one who stands near the throne of God (Metatron). You can call on the power of this archangel if you are looking to move forward on your spiritual path , move away from negative thoughts and bring peace into your life.

Worn by hand, this symbol guides you in your actions and helps you make the right decisions .

We have chosen two noble materials so that this ring can communicate to you all the strength of the symbol it represents: 925 silver or gold plated. Silver is a purifying metal which leads to physical and mental well-being while gold is a stimulating mineral , which helps reduce stress, inflammation and which strengthens self-confidence.

This ring is adjustable from size 7.5 to 9 . So you can be sure that this ring will fit you perfectly and you can even choose which finger to wear it on.


  • Materials: Gold Plated or 925 Silver
  • Adjustable size from 7.5 to 9
  • Weight: about 15g
  • Dimensions: 25mm (height) / 18mm (width)
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