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“Flower of Life” Ring in 925 Silver or Gold Plated

“Flower of Life” Ring in 925 Silver or Gold Plated

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Wear this “Flower of Life” Ring in Silver or Gold Plated daily, and let it regenerate your entire being.

The flower of life is both one of the most widespread and most mysterious esoteric symbols that exist... It is found all over the world, from China to Egypt via India, in the temples, in painting or in ancient manuscripts.

Coming from sacred geometry and mathematics, it was already used several thousand years ago by ancient civilizations. Some cultures perceived it as containing metaphysical information about space and time. According to other cultures, it allowed access to the Akashic archives , that is to say the entire memory of the Universe.

Containing the seed of life, itself a fundamental motif, the flower of life would in fact be a model for all Creation . It is found in nature, in cells, plants, but also in architecture. This omnipresence makes it a powerful motif, with powerful powers of life and harmony.

We therefore call upon the flower of life for both therapeutic and vibrational purposes . For example, it would allow good preservation of food , rebalance the energies of the body or a place , and soothe the mind .

Wear this flower of life ring in silver or gold plated to help you stay centered and relaxed, but also to purify your energetic bodies.

Worn in meditation, it will also allow you to increase your vibration rate and deepen your concentration and your meditative state .

Karma Yoga Shop jewelry is all designed with quality and ethics in mind. Our employees and we ensure that the manufacturing and distribution of our products are carried out with total respect for human beings and the environment.


  • Material: 925 silver
  • Weight: 15g
  • Adjustable size from 7.5 to 9

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