Protective bracelets

Collection: Protective bracelets

Invoke the protective energy of crystals in all circumstances thanks to our protective bracelets .

Here, we have gathered bracelets made from the most effective stones to repel negative energies , and ensure well-being and serenity.

Tiger's eye, onyx, hematite, black obsidian... Each stone will protect you in its own way against psychic attacks and other bad surrounding vibrations.

Protection bracelet: meaning and power

In lithotherapy , one of the most common uses of stones is to channel their energy to counter any unwanted influence and protect against dangers. Many of them have also been used since the dawn of time as amulets or to repel the evil eye.

So smoky quartz , for example, protected the Highlanders (Scottish people of the Middle Ages) during battles. Labradorite , for its part, helped to ward off evil spirits during the shamanic ceremonies of Native American tribes.

Each protective bracelet is made up of one or more gems, each of which will protect you in its own way against bad luck and negative energies.

Certain protective stones , such as tourmaline or lava stone , will strengthen your vitality while absorbing harmful waves and emotional projections from others. Other minerals such as red jasper or bull's eye will act on the root chakra, the center of anchoring, to promote self-confidence at all times.

You will also find, in this collection, bracelets made of stones with softer vibrations, such as rose quartz , agate or amethyst . Rather, these stones will have the effect of soothing anxiety, regulating the nervous system and awakening your intuition.

Amethyst, for example, stimulates the third eye chakra to help you see clearly in a situation. Thus guided by the stone, you will avoid critical situations or situations charged with bad energies. Rose quartz, for its part, relieves fears and other emotional disorders, and promotes the healing of the traumas at the origin of these disorders, to allow you to move forward in life feeling supported.

The virtues of the triple protection bracelet

The triple protection bracelet from Karma Yoga Shop is the star of our protective natural stone bracelets! The jewel is made up of the most appreciated protective stones in the world of lithotherapy, I named labradorite , tiger's eye and obsidian .

Labradorite, first of all, has always been renowned for its ability to reflect harmful influences coming from the outside by creating an energetic shield around its wearer. This soft gray crystal will protect you against the negativity of others and psychic attacks, while promoting inner peace.

Tiger's Eye acts on the solar plexus chakra , the center of personal power, to allow you to digest your difficult emotions and experiences. In the presence of this shimmering mineral, you will feel filled with courage, capable of facing the difficult situations that we sometimes have to experience in order to evolve. Also ideal for soothing heavy emotions such as sadness or despair.

The third protective stone making up this jewel is obsidian. This promotes the purification of energetic disorders present in the aura. It also thwarts the negative effects of electromagnetic fields produced by Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G networks and TV antennas. On a physical level, it boosts the immune system, the body's natural barrier against external pathogens.

Our protective bracelets are all made of high quality crystals, the authenticity of which is certified by our expert gemologist.

They will make an ideal gift for anyone seeking inner security or wishing to strengthen their courage.

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