“Energy” Bracelets

Collection: “Energy” Bracelets

Adorn yourself with beneficial energies with our magnificent collection of “Energy” bracelets .

Natural stone bracelet , this great Karma Yoga Shop classic will envelop you in its beneficial vibration on all levels, while enhancing your style with its vibrant colors.

KYS “Energy” Bracelets, much more than just jewelry...

At Karma Yoga Shop, we particularly like our “Energy” bracelets . They are a bit like our flagship pieces, our little favorites, always ready to simply enrich your wardrobe with their superb colors , but also to take care of you .

But besides, why the choice of the word “Energy”? Well, as you know, we at KYS believe that stones have a lot to offer us, much more than just their natural beauty. Thanks to their particular energy , in fact, they all have certain very specific virtues on the body and mind.

Also, our collection of “Energy” bracelets brings together the most powerful and popular stones in the world of lithotherapy . A rich and complete selection, to do you good in many different ways.

You just need to browse our blog to see the great diversity of the powers of crystals . It’s difficult to make an exhaustive list in this presentation! Just know that, depending on the stone chosen, you will benefit from a certain vibration and its corresponding benefits .

Thus, your “Energy” bracelet can, for example, provide you with calm and serenity , or revitalize you and fill you with optimism . Or, you may feel mentally clearer and see your concentration boosted . Your "Energy" bracelet can also amplify your intuition and your extrasensory abilities ... And the list goes on!

The simplest and safest way to make your choice from our vast collection is to trust your feelings. Ask yourself for example: “ Which stone would be most appropriate for my emotional/physical/spiritual needs? ” or “ Which stone resonates most with me? ”.

You could also choose your "Energy" bracelet according to its action on a specific chakra, or simply by reading the detailed description of the virtues of each bracelet.

Browse our collection of “Energy” bracelets , and let your intuition guide you towards your ideal piece of jewelry...

KYS jewelry, an alliance between authenticity, beauty and quality

Karma Yoga Shop has always been driven by two desires: to provide beautiful and high-quality products , while contributing to a fairer world .

To meet these fundamental values, we therefore do everything we can to create quality jewelry, with impeccable aesthetics , but also to preserve the well-being of Mother Nature and everyone involved in this creative process .

Please know first that we design our “Energy” bracelets from raw stones , the authenticity and quality of which are rigorously controlled by our expert gemologist . A careful selection which also ensures that we preserve the natural energy of each stone, and therefore all its virtues.

In addition, the materials used in the production of "Energy" bracelets , such as the stainless steel and the elastic of the bracelet, are of high quality, to protect your skin while guaranteeing a long life for the jewelry .

On the ethical side, finally know that our employees and ourselves are driven by the same values ​​of respect for living things and transparency . The workshops in which our “Energy” bracelets are designed ensure fair working conditions and wages for their employees.

At Karma Yoga Shop, everything is also done to minimize our impact on the environment as much as possible . For example, the recent relocation of our warehouses to France allows a reduction in the transport of our products, and therefore their harmful effect on our ecosystems.

Of course, we are not yet ecologically perfect. Many points remain to be improved, but we document and inform ourselves regularly to gradually and sustainably reduce our environmental impact . And we thank you for your support in this process!

In short, you will have understood, buying a Karma Yoga Shop “Energy” bracelet means treating yourself and doing yourself good, while taking care of our world.

So, see you straight away on the page of our “Energy” bracelet collection !

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