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Are you looking for a natural stone bracelet ? Be inspired by our stunning handcrafted , authentic stone mala bracelets .

Vibrating with the high energies of the Earth , these bracelets will bathe you in their beneficial waves and will accompany you in your spiritual practices, from yoga sessions to meditation , including prayer .

Ready to dive into the soothing world of mala bracelets ?

Mala bracelets: what meaning?

But first, what is a mala bracelet ?

It is in fact a Buddhist and Tibetan rosary, traditionally composed of 108 beads in order to be able to count the repetitions of mantras during meditation . They are sometimes composed of a different number of beads such as 21, 28 or other. We therefore distinguish between mala bracelets of 108 beads (long) and short mala bracelets .

Carrying the energies of the crystal from which it is made and the spiritual energies of the traditions from which it comes, a mala bracelet will contribute to your well-being on all levels. In addition, the large number of beads in this style of bracelet will only increase the powers of the stone used.

Depending on the crystal with which it is made, a mala bracelet can help you find inner peace or revitalize you, connect you to the subtle dimensions of existence or strengthen your anchoring ... Trust your intuition to select the jewel that best suits your needs.

You can also use your mala bracelet to assist you in your meditative practice , to chant mantras or even in your daily prayer . Scroll the pearls between your fingers, and feel your consciousness reach a state of total contemplation...

Discover our collection of mala bracelets , high quality jewelry designed with respect for everyone.

Why choose Karma Yoga Shop mala bracelets?

Mala bracelets with authentic crystals

From the making of our mala bracelets , we are committed to producing jewelry that is both beautiful and filled with good energy .

To do this, with the help of our expert gemologist , we rigorously control the authenticity and quality of the stone used to cut our round pearls.

Color, general appearance, state of the matrix, origin of the stone, nothing is left to chance to provide you with bracelets with impeccable aesthetics and vibrant with the nourishing forces of the Earth .

The pearls are then assembled with the greatest attention by qualified craftsmen who are passionate about lithotherapy .

A preserved vibration

Thanks to this selection process certifying the authenticity of our base crystals, each pearl emits a vibration close to that of the original stone.

And because a well-treated stone gives lots of love in return, our mala bracelets radiate full and rich energy. Once on your wrist, they can unfold all their benefits, thus promoting harmony, serenity and vitality throughout the being.

Their metaphysical powers are also completely preserved, whether it is connecting you to your guides , helping you manifest your dreams or connecting you to the presence of the Earth and the spirits of Nature.

Sustainable and healthy materials

Because our quality approach does not stop at the semi-precious stone, we also attach great importance to the other materials used to create our mala bracelets .

Thus, for metal parts (pendants, stoppers, etc.), we use stainless steel , one of the only metals that retains its shine and solidity over time. It is also a hypoallergenic metal, for a bracelet that takes care of your skin.

The elastic used is directly imported from Japan from a reputable supplier, using quality and resistant fibers .

In short, your KYS mala bracelet is a durable piece of jewelry that is good for your health!

A unique design for your Tibetan bracelet

At Karma Yoga Shop, we are driven by the desire to spread beauty and good vibes around us . We also hope that these beautiful energies accompany you in your daily life, for example with our superb mala bracelets .

Also, to represent these values ​​and carry our vision of a happier and more beautiful world, our bracelets have been developed with a unique design .

From engraved pendants to flower-shaped stoppers, to our iconic "K", our team has designed refined and characteristic pieces, which distinguish KYS jewelry as carriers of these high vibrations .

Ethical and qualitative manufacturing

You will have understood, ethics and quality are our watchwords. Also, for the manufacture of our products, we use craftsmen who completely share these values.

For our mala bracelets , we work with a renowned manufacturer in the field of jewelry making, with more than ten years of experience. Our bracelets are made by hand and with the heart, with the greatest respect for the stone used.

Our collaborator also and above all ensures the well-being of his employees , by ensuring them working conditions and a fair salary . For mala bracelets designed with love and respect for everyone, from cutting the stone to sending it to your home.

So, ready to discover our mala bracelet collection ? Take a deep breath, and let yourself be guided towards the jewelry that suits you.

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